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Self-Publishing 101: 10 Self-Publishing Tips

People who get through childbirth, jury duty, or self-publishing often want to tell you about it. Me, too. After self-publishing two mystery novels, one novelette, and one short story, with a third novel coming out in July, I’ll be — according to my Google search — No. 13,600,001, to write on the topic. I could go on and on. But, mercifully, today, I’ll just offer 10 self-publishing tips. 1. Write Your Best Book! Don't get distracted by the other stuff. The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING is producing a compelling tale for readers — not a sloppy vanity press-caliber vehicle for yourself. Be daring. Be original. Make what self-pub advocates are calling an indie or artisanal book. 2. Think Niche. If you have…

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10 Clichés and Misconceptions about the FBI

This is an an excerpt of an original article. For the full post or podcast episode, click here. On my podcast — FBI Retired Case File Review — I’ve conducted more than 50 interviews with my former FBI colleagues about the high-profiled cases they worked while on the job. In almost every interview, one of us comments about […]

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My Favorite Crime Movie: Body Heat

This is the first in our member-written series: My Favorite Crime Movie. I graduated from the University of Florida law school at the end of 1977 and stayed in Gainesville for almost another year, trying to figure out what to do – a process I’ve since learned may pause but never quite ends. North Central Florida […]

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Mug Shot: Gary Earl Ross

Playwright, novelist, public radio essayist, and popular culture scholar Gary Earl Ross is a professor emeritus at the University of Buffalo. His work includes the award-winning plays Matter of Intent and The Guns of Christmas and the novel Blackbird Rising. His 1925 courtroom drama The Mark of Cain will be onstage this season at Subversive […]

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