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Death and Taxes

Even now, with four books published and a fifth, hopefully, on the way, I worry that the IRS will look at my earnings and will decide that writing is really just a hobby. At which point, I will show them my publishing contracts, and after we’ve all had a really good laugh, I’ll explain that just because writing is a business doesn’t mean it’s a good business and then we’ll look at my royalty statements and we’ll all laugh just a little bit more. It’s all good clean fun until someone finds the dead IRS agent (fictionally dead, my attorney advises me to tell you. Only and always, fictionally dead). I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that it’s tax season. But…

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Hitchcock’s Average American Family

This is the second in our member-written series: My Favorite Crime Movie. Alfred Hitchcock said several times that Shadow of a Doubt (1943) was his favorite of the films he directed. The film is set in Santa Rosa, California. If I tell you that the last time I was in California, I went in search […]

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Mug Shot: Marco Conneli

Marco Conelli is a former NYPD detective and author of the Matthew Livingston Young Adult Mystery Series. His 2011 novel Matthew Livingston and the Politics of Death received the Silver Falchion award for best new mystery. Cry for Help, his first adult crime novel, introduces Caleb Alden and James Paul McCormack, two tenacious, fast-moving protagonists […]

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Self-Publishing 101: 10 Self-Publishing Tips

People who get through childbirth, jury duty, or self-publishing often want to tell you about it. Me, too. After self-publishing two mystery novels, one novelette, and one short story, with a third novel coming out in July, I’ll be — according to my Google search — No. 13,600,001, to write on the topic. I could […]

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