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Bringing Diversity to Your Characters: A Creative Jump Start

As I launch into my newest book, I am assailed by the usual crucial questions about my protagonist: Is she going to be a writer or an English professor this time? Should I go real wild and make her high school teacher? Educated at the Seven Sisters instead of the Ivy League? Have her take milk in her coffee instead of drinking it black? Maybe she even prefers red wine to white? But wait! Write what you know, right? So, why, even though I am avowed feminist, am I able to write far more interesting, more complex male characters than female ones? Could it be that getting into a male character’s head requires enough of an imaginative leap that I don’t find…

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S.J. Rozan on Why Genre Matters, Next Week at Madison, N.J. Library

Sometimes genre fiction gets a bad rap for being “less than literary.” Nothing could be further from the truth. But, believe it or not, as popular as crime fiction is, it still retains a certain stigma to many readers. Award-winning author and Mystery Writers of America, New York member S.J. Rozan, will endeavor to correct […]

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Mug Shot: Deb Pines

Deb Pines, an award-winning New York Post headline writer and former reporter, is the author of three Chautauqua-based mystery novels, one novelette, and a stand-alone short story. A mother of two, SoulCycle fanatic and lover of Scrabble, cooking, hiking and show tunes, she lives in New York City with her husband, Dave. “If you enjoy […]

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Lessons Learned from an Ill-Timed Writing Workshop

For most of us, it’s hard enough to squeeze in writing time. Participating in a writing workshop may seem like an extravagance that distracts from our writing output, but the occasional workshop can yield interesting insights.

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