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Conference Tiffs and the Value of the Little White Lie

crossed fingersI love conferences. Love them. But every year, I hear about someone who is no longer speaking to someone else because person 2 insulted person 1 — or possibly insulted person 3 who is a friend of person 1 — or because person 2 felt as if person 1 ignored them in favor of a more “important” author or editor. “She looked right at me, and pretended she didn’t know me,” said one of my friends of another. Well, yeah, that’s possible. It’s equally possible my other friend was simply on conference overload with a buzzing head and tired eyes, thinking about how much her feet hurt. And then there are the roommate dilemmas. “OMG,” one of my friends bemoaned in…

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The Importance of Cover Copy

Laura K. Curtis discusses why you need to be at least as picky about the writing of your cover copy as you are about the writing of your book.

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Mug Shot: Radha Vatsal

Radha Vatsal’s debut novel, A Front Page Affair, was published this May by Sourcebooks Landmark. It is the first in the Kitty Weeks mystery series and received a starred review from Library Journal, which also selected the novel as Debut of the Month. Vatsal has a PhD in English from Duke University and lives with her family […]

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Otto Penzler knows his sleuths. Recently published, The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories is the twelfth anthology he has edited for Vintage Crime/Black Lizard (Random House). For those without a scorecard, Penzler has also won two Edgars, a Raven, and an Ellery Queen Award; served fourteen years on the Mystery Writers of America board; and […]

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