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Timelines and Series Bibles

Binder view of a Scrivener outlineWhen I got a two-book contract after having written only a single book in my romantic suspense series, I found myself presented with several problems. First: a deadline. After all, I'd taken forever to write the first book, and I couldn't do that with the second. And second, I had to remember everything from the first book so that I didn't contradict it in the second. I slid through that by the skin of my teeth, but with the next contract it became clear that I needed a more comprehensive setup. Here are the two tools I rely on: • Scrivener • Aeon Timeline For every scene of a Scrivener manuscript,…

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Pathways to Publication

We all know that in a mystery the most obvious suspect, the first “person of interest,” isn’t always the culprit. The same is true of pretty much every aspect of publishing. There’s a lot—and I mean a lot—of debate, acrimony, and bad information out there about what you can or should expect, or what you’ll […]

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The Mystery of the Unsigned Pledge, Part II

(Didn’t catch Part I? Read it first!) From the city of Rome, New York, came a strongly worded letter from a citizens’ group that said it wasn’t Upham who wrote the Pledge, but a clergyman named Francis Bellamy (sometimes called Frank) who used to preach in that part of the country! Margarette threw up her […]

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The Mystery of the Unsigned Pledge

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands – one Nation indivisible – with liberty and justice for all. That’s the original version – by whom? It was a mystery for half a century until a young woman in Portsmouth, Virginia, solved it. At this moment in time when […]

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