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bonesscones2One of the many challenges for public libraries today is attracting community interest. Building engagement with local communities through fun, educational, and relevant programs that bring people together at no cost to the public is a tall order. As an employee of two public libraries in New Jersey, I talk with library staff about this issue quite often. As a member of the Mystery Writers of America, I always advocate for the representation of mystery and crime fiction authors in public libraries. Last year while talking with Madison Public Library adult services librarian Cassidy Charles (she buys all the mysteries, by the way) about the difficulty of developing fresh program ideas, MWA naturally came up while discussing mystery-related programming. MWA's free library…

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Slicing the Salami: How to Stop Procastinating and Write

Over the years, people have frequently asked me if the time I spent in the magazine business — I ran five national magazines, including Cosmopolitan, for 14 years — was good preparation for my career as a mystery and thriller writer. My guess is that being a former prosecutor, cop, or private eye would have […]

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CHARLES ARDAI is one of those people whose energy, acuity, and achievements make you wonder what the heck you’ve been doing with your life. He’s won the Edgar, Shamus and Ellery Queen Awards, plus he is the author of five novels, including Little Girl Lost and Songs of Innocence. As the founding editor of the acclaimed pulp fiction […]

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Mug Shot: Albert Ashforth

After serving with the U.S. Army overseas, Albert Ashforth graduated from Brooklyn College and subsequently worked on two New York City newspapers. As a military contractor, he has done tours in Bosnia, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Afghanistan. He has worked as an instructor at Special Forces headquarters in Bad Tolz and trained officers at the […]

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