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The MWA-NY Library Committee branched out with an inaugural event at the historic New York Society Library on September 21st with an author panel themed The Golden Age of Mysteries: Tracing the Bloodline of Crime Fiction. Co-sponsored by MWA-NY and the NYSL, the panel included Charles Ardai, Julia Dahl, Elizabeth Zelvin, and Parnell Hall (just four days from winning the 2016 Shamus Award for Best Private Eye Short Story at Bouchercon), and was led by moderator Joseph Goodrich. The legendary setting was a natural fit. As Carolyn Waters, head librarian, and Sara Holliday, events coordinator, pointed out, the great authors who fueled the discussion—from Christie to Chandler to Sayers, Allingham, Hammett and beyond—live in the library’s vast collection. If you couldn't make it, the New York Society Library has graciously provided a video of the event.

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