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crimeconnlogoKnown for its top-tier expert panels, CrimeCONN 2016 is a true writers’ conference. This year’s conference takes place on October 15 at the Westport Library in Connecticut, and its theme will be “The Criminal Mind.” The event is co-sponsored by our chapter.

The conference's guest of honor will be Andrew Gross, best-selling author of nine thrillers (One Mile Under, Everything to Lose, and 15 Seconds). He is also the co-author of five #1 bestsellers with James Patterson, including Judge and Jury and The Jester. His latest book, The One Man, is a tale of gripping suspense, set in WWII and based on the exploits of his family, was released in August. In the keynote interview, Gross will discuss how he delves into the psychology of some of the best and worst people in history.

Author guests scheduled to appear include Rosemary Harris, Michael Ledwidge, Liz Mugavero, Tom Straw, David Rich, Karen Olson, David Handler, A.J. Pompano, and Jan Yager. Crime-fighting panelists scheduled to appear include: Michelle Clark, death investigator; Mark Braunsdorf, police psychologist; Lt. Ray Hassett, hostage negotiator; Sergeant. Mike Cummiskey, who investigates crimes against children; and Captain Chris Chute, a polygraph, interview and interrogation expert.

CrimeCONN will address current issues through the eyes and experience of crime-fighting experts, and how that is translated through works of art. What pathologies, traumas, and emotional compulsions drive criminal behavior? What about heat-of-the-moment encounters? Polygraph as evidence? Interrogation tactics? The psychology and dynamics of both first responders and deep undercover investigators as well as cops struggling with the pressures of the job. All fodder for powerful crime writing.

Register here and read the featured expert and author bios for more information.

Seating is limited, and the conversation evolves throughout the day, so arrive early and expect to be richly involved in the minds of cops, criminals, heroes and villains.

—Chris Knopf

Chris Knopf is the author of Dead Anyway (winner of the 2013 Nero Award), Cries of the Lost, and the Sam Acquillo mystery series, including The Last Refuge, Two Time, Head Wounds (which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Mystery), Hard Stop, and Black Swan.

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