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Doris Ex Machina, Part the Third

It was my plan to post a new blog yesterday but Jeff was hogging the computer.  He was mumbling about line edits and cursing periodically, but mostly he seemed happy with his progress. Which is, I think, a good thing. Being dead, I am not such a good judge. Anyway, last week I introduced you to our synchronized swim coaches, Irina and Paul Cojocaru. So today I should be telling you about our progress in the pool. But I think perhaps I feel sad, or maybe guilty that yesterday was my dear Mother’s birthday and I didn’t tell you anything yet about Stela. Stela was a seamstress, a beet farmer and a chanteuse.  Here she is, between sets, at our most famous of…

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Doris Ex Machina, Part the Second

Where did I leave off? You will excuse me, but my memory is not so good any more now that I am dead. Anyway, if I am remembering, my cousin Iulia gathered us all in the kitchen to tell us of what she would daydream. We were very much surprised when she told us of […]

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Doris Ex Machina, Part the First

Jeff assigned me the responsibility to blog for him while he’s busy dealing with chapter business. He assured me that people would be interested in my experience as a contestant on Romania’s Got Talent, and perhaps he is correct, but so far it seems that he is not. Don’t tell him I said this, but […]

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What’s in a Query? Everything and Nothing.

When I tell people that I’ve never written a query that didn’t result in a request for pages, they can’t believe it. When I tell them I only ever sent out three (or six if you count the random assignments I was given to pitch to at conferences) queries, they are shocked. But here’s the […]

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