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Doris Ex Machina, Part the Last

Adelina here. I am sorry. I look at this blog and realize I have not been keeping up. You would think, being dead, that I would have plenty of time to blog, but it is not so very simple. Just because you are dead doesn’t mean the beets don’t need to be planted, the butter doesn’t need to be churned, the laundry doesn’t need to be beaten on a rock. 

And I am still needing to tell you about Romania’s Got Talent. My cousins and I were deciding to perform a scene from Medea by Euripedes. It was many days that we were rehearsing. So many days that Stela had to sew the costume for my dear cousin Doris more than one time. I am not one to gossip, but my dear cousin Doris was gaining the weight. Iulia says Doris is in the way of the family. But of course, that is impossible. Doris is not married.

But we were wanting to win Romania’s Got Talent. We decided to hide Doris in the back if it became necessary. But it was not becoming necessary. Because, just when it was our turn to perform, I was finding my cousin Vlad, dead on the floor in Doris’s dressing room.

But the show must be going on. I was leaving the body of my dear cousin, on the floor, in a pool of sticky wet blood. I went on stage, and there is so much more I want to be telling you, but Vlad’s life was coming to an end, and also was our time on Romania’s Got Talent.

Just as it was seeming that our performance would be running out of time without a proper ending, my cousin Doris was descending from the rafters in a dragon-born chariot. We did not the winning, but the audience cheered.


I must to be honest here and tell you that we will be missing Doris when she escaped in the chariot, Bucharest’s finest in hot pursuit. We would also be missing Vlad who was carried out on a gurney. It was perhaps the reason I would be giving up the show business and emigrating to the United States of America. Still, we were excited by our appearance on Romania’s Got Talent and greatly enjoyed the after-party.


Adelina is the pretty one. She was born in Bucharest in 1887. 

She died of tuberculosis in Brooklyn in 1936.

Being dead, Adelina has time to blog.

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