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Doris Ex Machina, Part the Third

It was my plan to post a new blog yesterday but Jeff was hogging the computer.  He was mumbling about line edits and cursing periodically, but mostly he seemed happy with his progress. Which is, I think, a good thing. Being dead, I am not such a good judge. Anyway, last week I introduced you to our synchronized swim coaches, Irina and Paul Cojocaru. So today I should be telling you about our progress in the pool. But I think perhaps I feel sad, or maybe guilty that yesterday was my dear Mother’s birthday and I didn’t tell you anything yet about Stela. Stela was a seamstress, a beet farmer and a chanteuse.  Here she is, between sets, at our most famous of Romanian nightclubs.

Stela was much beloved. Here you see her most loyal fans. Please to excuse their rowdy behavior, but they are most eager for Stela to return for the second set.

Stela was a most perfect mother and I miss her dearly. She is dead now a very long time. Of course, I am also dead a very long time, so anyway there is that. I should tell you that Stela was jealous of my relationship with Irina, but not today.  I think they call that picking a nit and I will not pick even one of my dear Mother’s nits on this day.

Besides, I am running out of the time and I still need to tell you about the murder of my cousin Vlad, in Doris' dressing room on Romania's Got Talent.


Adelina was born in Bucharest in 1887.

She died of tuberculosis in Brooklyn in 1936.

Being dead, she has time to blog.

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